10th December 2020

Picture of Cor-Rhône-a

Whether you were in Durham or back home with the family, we prepared a final Michaelmas tasting to be enjoyed from wherever.

This tasting follows nicely from the last, as the Rhône river runs through Lyon (south Beaujolais) before heading directly south. Wine from the Rhône Valley is usually discussed in terms of the northern Rhône and the southern Rhône; on our second tasting in the series we'll be tackling both. We tried wine from well-known places like Crozes-Hermitage before jumping to the southern part with wines such as the famous Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

We sent you a box with a set of programmes and six very different high quality wines, including red, white and a rosé. We provided you with links to the accompanying videos, which were open all throughout the holidays.