About the Hatfield College Wine Society

What We Do

Hatfield College Wine Society was created to provide a wine education platform within an intimate college environment. Whilst the society is Hatfield based, we welcome students from all colleges and all common rooms to attend our events, whether expert or complete novice.

We consider knowledge of wine to be a helpful asset to students, whether they're going into the industry or doing something completely different post-university. We embrace the social aspect of our wine tastings and it’s a great way for our members to meet new people. Our educational approach to wine tasting aims to ensure that everyone learns something new and grows their confidence when approaching new wines.

Executive Body 2020/21

Picture of Tom Walker

Tom Walker

Chairman & Director

My role and privilege as Director is to organise and write our event series, but also to give the introductory lecture at tastings. Over the last couple of years I've spent time working in restaurants, undergoing three Wine and Spirits Education Trust courses, and I spent this last summer interning at an auction house’s wine department. Whilst I'm very much still learning, I'm thrilled to put the knowledge I've acquired to good use and guide the society through what I consider some fascinating topics. I am particularly keen on wine from the Côte d'Or (in Burgundy) but I'm keen to expand my knowledge and understanding of Georgian wine. Outside of the society I am a classical musician and an army reserve officer.

Picture of Miles MacLachlan

Miles MacLachlan

Vice-Chairman & Publicity Officer

I’m Miles, a finalist reading Music, and I’m the Vice-Chairman & Publicity Officer. I’m responsible for marketing and social media, recruiting new members, speaking at our tastings, and keeping the Chairman in check! Having helped to found the Society in 2019, I’m delighted to see it is already a success. My favourite food and wine pairing would be fish and chips with Champagne, or steak and peppercorn sauce with a Syrah. My favourite wine region to visit would have to be either Tuscany or Burgundy. Outside of the Society I am also a musician and squash player.

Picture of Ben Spinks

Ben Spinks


In my role as Treasurer I work to ensure that we are able to offer great tastings which will hopefully wipe their faces. I develop budget projections per event, costing imports and ticket prices, and for the academic year, ensuring the fiscal viability of the society. From my time in Sydney I grew fond of New World white wines, such as New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs and Australian Rieslings. I look forward to contributing to the Wine Society, both in my treasury role and other avenues such as web and logo design.

Picture of Charlie Gee

Charlie Gee

Logistics Officer

As Logistics Officer, it’s my job to organise the venues for the tastings and furnish them with everything one could possibly need, from stoppers to spittoons. I also look after the society’s inventory of glasses and other equipment. Since my interest began with Alsatian white wine, I’ve enjoyed trying wines both Old World and New World alike. I also like tasting wines produced in less well-known regions, like Hungary and even Lebanon. I look forward to helping organise many exciting tastings over the next year.

Picture of Blake Symington-Stephens

Blake Symington-Stephens

Trading Officer

Hello, I’m Blake, and I’m this year's Trading Officer for Hatfield College Wine Society. This year I’ll be responsible for ordering, distributing, and selling the wines we showcase to you at our tastings. I’ll also be the go to guy for all members stash orders! My interest in wine, and wine education stems back to my first encounters with the infamous TV chef and raconteur Keith Floyd, who, with his rakish charm and biting wit, gave me a wonderful introduction to the world of wine. Through my role in the society, I hope to bring quality wines to a wider audience across the university, and remove the stigma that enjoying good wine is a purely “elitist” pursuit.