Join the Exec

As is the case with all societies, exec members graduate and have to be replaced each year- for the 2021/22 year we're looking for 3 new members! For most of these roles you don't require lots of prior wine knowledge; what we're looking for are enthusiastic students that are keen to learn, keen to put on high quality events, and keen to maintain the ethos of the society. Whilst the Director does most of the talking, all exec members have the opportunity to deliver presentations within each tasting.

Please see the full descriptions below

Exec Roles


The role of the Director does in fact require prior knowledge of wine, as you'll be writing the events and organising the event series. You're also in charge of assisting the other exec members with their talks, making sure they match the content of the opening talk. As you'll be delivering an opening talk/lecture to 30+ people, we're looking for someone that, whilst having a solid grasp of wine, is also comfortable with public speaking and can engage an audience.

Publicity Officer

The Publicity Officer is in charge of all of the society's advertising and branding. They keep all the social media up to date, design all the physical and online posters, and organise the stash. This role requires someone who is creative and imaginative, whilst being able to keep our brand consistent.

Logistics Officer

The Logistics Officer is a key member of the exec, ensuring we're using the right venue with the correct equipment and safety measures. This often means liaising with porters, reception and the catering staff. The Logistics Officer is also in charge of looking after our inventory and where it is stored. This role, like the others, requires good communication skills and the ability to take initiative.


The Treasurer is in charge of the society's finances and so works closely with the Imports Officer and the Director to make sure the events are financially viable. This role requires someone who is organised, has good grasp of Microsoft Excel, and is realistic with event expectations.

Trading Officer

The Trading Officer is in charge of ordering/buying all stock, from glasses to bottles. The Trading Officer therefore works closely with the Treasurer and the Logistics Officer to ensure our inventory is up to date and is expensed correctly. This role is for someone who is organised, (preferably has an Amazon Prime account), and enjoys internet shopping. This role is less time consuming than the rest but, nonetheless, it is a key part of the exec and still includes a speaking role at events.

Leadership Positions

These positions are attached to any of the roles above (e.g. Chairman and Director).


The Chairman is essentially a society president. Whilst they have one of the roles above, they also oversee the rest of the exec and take ultimate responsibility for the society. This position is for someone who can both work within a team and lead a team. As the official head of the society, it is their job to represent the society when contacting external speakers etc.


The Vice-Chairman assists the Chairman in their role and is prepared to take over if the Chairman is absent. They also double up as a society secretary, taking minutes at meetings.

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