"Re-freshers" The Diversity of Riesling

2pm, Saturday 19th June 2021

Picture of "Re-freshers" The Diversity of Riesling

After a quiet few months we're getting back into the swing of things with a return of live events. After a huge success in 2019, the executive body felt that we would reintroduce the society to this year's freshers through a return of our first event, "the Diversity of Riesling." Freshers will be taken through five different rieslings from across the world, showing grapes versatility.

The price is £11 per ticket and the ticket is not valid until the payment is made. Please follow the link below to fill out the signup form and the payment information.


Due to Covid 19 we have a limit of 25 places so sign up quick!

*You must have had an LFT test within 48 hours of the event